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Technical data, specifications and performance
Type Two-seater open sports car with hood and tonneau cover
Number of doors 2
Manufacturer Standard Triumph 
Type 4 cylinders inline 
Pushrod operated OHV 
Bore stroke 83.00mm 92.00mm 
3.27 in 3.62 in 
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.9 
Displacement 1991 cc
(121.498 cu in) 
Coolant Water 
Compression ratio 8.5:1 
Carburettor Type Twin S.U. (type H4) 
Ignition System Lucas coil and distributor 
Max. output 90.0 bhp (67.1 kW)
@4800 rpm 
Max. torque 159.0 nm (117 lbft) (16.2 kgm)
@3000 rpm 
Specific output 45.2 bhp/litre 
0.74 bhp/cu in 
Dimensions & Weights
Wheelbase 2413 mm  95 in 
Track Front 1219 mm  48 in 
Rear 1155 mm  45.5 in 
Overall length 3962 mm  156 in 
Overall width 1384 mm  54.5 in 
Overall height 1295 mm  51 in 
Ground clearance 152 mm  6 in 
Curb weight 864 kg  1905 lb 
Weight distribution Front/rear 52/48% 
Fuel capacity 56.8 litres  12.5 gallons 
Engine location Front 
Engine alignment Longitudinal 
Steering Bishop Cam 
Steering lock 2.5 turns, lock to lock 
Turning circle 33 feet (11m) 
Suspension Front Coil spring & wishbone 
Rear Semi-elliptic leaf springs 
Brakes Front 10in.2.25in.drum
Rear 9in.1.75in.drum
Braked area 
Wheels & Tyres Disc or wire / 5.5015 
Transmission 4 forward & reverse 
Overdrive 22% step up
Top gear ratio 0.82 
Final drive ratio 3.70 
Performance data [from rest through gears]
0-30mph 3.4sec. 
0-40mph 5.1sec. 
0-50mph 7.8sec. 
0-60mph 11.6sec. 
0-70mph 15.4sec. 
0-80mph 20.0sec. 
0-90mph 28.4sec. 
Maximum speeds in gears
Overdrive 100mph 
Direct top 102mph 
Third 80mph 
Second 50mph 
First 30mph 
Standing quarter mile 18.1sec. 
Fuel consumption Driven hard 28mpg 
Facsimile from the Autosport Road Test, October 8 1954

Copyright Knut Skoglund