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[May 26 2009]: OK, here we go with a new season. Took Dotti for a drive a few weeks back. Absolutely no problems what so ever. Just turned the ignition on, hit the start button and she fired up like that. Changed oil, break fluid and rinsed out coolant, and that's it!

[November 13 2007]: Well, summer is indeed over for this time here in Norway. I haven't updated the diary in way too long, so I'd thought it was time to add some new scans to the site. Hope you'll enjoy them! More to come in the coming weeks, months and years... In a few days, I will trailer Dotti to Trysil in order to fix the dents from last summers incidents with the Hanomag, so that the insurance company can pay me the cash. Have no major plans for Dotti this winter as I have started on my new project, the TR5, and the Lambretta 150LD, and I just bought a new house that needs to be totally refurbished, so I guess I won't have time for more this winter. Keep you posted on progress, and will hopefully post pictures form the dent job in a few weeks time.

[April 27 2007]
: Got my model car of Dotti from Geoff Sear last week. The car look great! Geoff managed to get it almost the same colour as it is, and even got the original number plates correct! Fantastic job! And what a collector's item!


[April 24 2007]
: Well, got the rad back the other day - in perfect condition with new super flow core and fresh painted black! Back in the car this coming weekend, and back on the road, finally.

[April 10 2007]: Springtime! Spent the day in the workshop yesterday in order to prepare Dotti for the season. Changed the oil and filter, renewed break fluid and bleed the breakes. A great day until it was time to lower the car from the axelstands... Bang! The jack slipped and hit the bottom end of the radiator. It was indeed not a good feeling or sound and the radiator unfortunately had to come out. Took it to the radiator shop this morning in order to fix it. Hope to have it back early next week. So typical me.

[January 27 2007]: My friend Per and I booked ferry tickets to UK on Wednesday. Leaving Stavanger for Newcastle on the 5th July, going back on the 14th July from Newcastle to Stavanger. Plan to go to TSSC International 7. -  8. July in Stafford. Anyone up for a meet somewhere, please give me a notice either on email or phone +47 91161778.

[January 20 2007]: Moved to a new workshop/garage today. Didn't have the trailer available, so I had to drive Dotti 12km in snow storm! It went well, but it was freezing without windscreen and just googles. Had to wipe the goggles for snow every 20-30 sec. Took it real easy, couse without stud tyres, the back end wanted to go somewhere else than me. :-)

[January 1 2007]
: What a beautiful day! Woke up after New Year's celebration without a hangover! Decided to take Dotti for a spin in no-snow-Oslo for the annual 28th REAL SPRING ASSEMBLY for open top cars without heaters! Always on the year's first day, this is a crazy mix of old and new cars, motorcycles, military vehicles, etc. etc. ranging from 1909 till 2007! The trip goes from down town Oslo (Universitetsplassen on Karl Johan Street) up to Frognerseteren (on top of and with a marvelous view of Oslo on 466 m.a.s.). Ice cream and coffee is mandatory!

[September 16 2006]: Took of the windscreen today in order to make a frame to mount aeroscreens on. Will make it fit in the original mounting holes for the windscreen, so it will be easier to swap over. Pictures to come...

[July 27 2006]
: Made up my mind - will go for alternator. Ordered one from Moss today. Have already made arrangements for the change over, switched polarity to negative ground, just waiting for the alternator to show up from UK.

[July 25 2006]
: Removed dynamo today, and it is totally smashed inside. Perhaps a good time to change over to an alternator?

[July 22 2006]
: My friend Per in his Triumph Vitesse and myself in Dotti made the trip to Sweden for the annual Triumph meet held in Katrineholm, a 5 hours drive from Oslo. 1/2 hour outside Katrineholm Dotti's charging lamp started to glow worringly red, and upon arrival in Katrineholm, no charging was measured, and I feared that the dynamo was dead. Didn't bring any spares, so on the way back to Oslo I swapped battery with Per 2 times and made it home without any problem. Will have to remove it and check it out. Great party though!

[July 18 2006]
: Have been taking Dotti out for a few trips so far this summer. Unfortunately not as much as I wanted to, but overall satisfied. Considering a trip to Sweden this coming weekend, depends on the weather and of course if my better half allows me to go... Dotti is performing great, no problems at all so far, which is great when thinking about it, as she is a 52 year old vehicle without any major upgrades.

[June 22 2006]
: Went on a really nice trip last Sunday together with my girlfriend. Drove from Oslo to Modum to see Blaafarveværket [], old cobalt mines an hour and a half from Oslo. Parked outside late Sunday evening, and when I came out Monday morning the rear left wing was in this shape... Luckily, I actually noticed the car standing next to me the night before, so I knew who to contact. He admitted it right away, and we met that same afternoon to clear things out. He had an old Hanomag-Henschel camper from the 70's and it was his bumper who caused the damage. So, this coming winter will be busy with a few dents to attend to.

[June 15 2006]
: The trip to Fagernes and beyond for the 2006 TON meet went very well. Now the OD seems to work flawlessly as well, and no problems what so ever during the trip, about 500 miles.

[June 9 2006]
: Finally! Back on the road last night. Did a shake down and everything seems to be in order, except that the overdrive comes and goes. I guess just a electrical issue. Now off to the annual Triumph meet, will post pictures over the weekend.

[May 29 2006]
: Well, I hoped to be back on the road by now, but obviously it's not that easy. After installing the new, eehm, old, TR4 axle this weekend, I suddenly realised that the 4 U-bolts holding the axle to the spring, didn't fit the slightly thicker axle. Went to a blacksmith this morning, and he will make me a new set of clamps to fit the Girling axle. Hopefully ready by the end of this week, or early next week. Everything else is installed and ready, it is just the U-bolts missing. Must be ready by the 9th June as it's the annual Triumphs of Norway meet that weekend.

[May 26 2006]
: Went to Sweden yestreday to pick up a TR4 rear axle from a fellow Triumph enthusiast in Örebro. This will be installed this weekend, and then finally back on the road!

[May 24 2006]: Finally got my FIVA registration papers and identity card in the mail today.

[May 22 2006]: OK, finally found out the source to the problem. The probelm was never the clutch, it was actually the rear left half shaft in the axle. I guess the photo speaks for itself... Click on it to see it more clearly. Now a new shaft is sourced. Obviously, I also needed to split the diff in order to get the leftovers from the shaft out, and by that a complete overhaul is taking place. Typical for me to postpone this work until now, not doing it over the winter when I actually had the time to do it.

[May 19 2006]: After removing the gearbox again and meassuring the thrust bearing, I found that it was thicker than the old one. But that doesn't seem to be the problem. I know think the problem itself is the rear axle. When jacked up the clutch now operates correctly, but again, when down on the ground there is some noice coming from the rear axel, and obviously no action forward, and I actually think it has been the problem all along. When rear of the car is jacked up, and in gear, I can hold the rear wheels still easily without problems, and there is a clicking noice from the axle itself. Anyone experienced the same? Or got a "simple" solution to the problem? I will tomorrow remove the axle and my guess is that it's time for a total overhaul, sad but true.

[May 3 2006]: Engine and gearbox back in, but still having problems. Clutch will not engage correctly. When car is jacked up, the wheels are spinning when in gear, but as soon as on th eground, there is no power to drive them around. Have adjusted fork on slave, and have ordered slave cylinder kit and a new flexible hose as the old one is a bit soft... If you have any other solutions, please let me know:

[April 24 2006]: Replaced clutch last weekend. Had to pull both engine and gearbox in order to fix it. Too tight fit so found it easier to remove everything for the job. Engine and box back in yesterday afternoon. Silencer was rotten, so will build a new exhaust system as well. Parts bought Saturday, will get it together this week, and be back on the road Saturday next. While engine out, I also removed the cartridge oil filter and replaced it with a spin-on adapter. It will make the oil change so much easier. Replaced gearbox oil as well, or filled the box with oil I should say. Hardly any oil at all in there! 2-3 more hours of work and then jump in behind the steering wheel!

[April 3 2006]
: Still haven't had the time to replace the clutch, but have now finished dismantling and will be ready for the job in a couple of days. Shame I will be travelling during Easter, so will not be back on the road until late April. Finally got the new clutch from Moss as well, after first having received a TR4A - TR6 clutch. But, it comes handy when I start my TR5 project sometime next winter :-) Also started planning this year's roadtrip - it will probably be North-Norway's Lofoten area for 10 days or so. Keep you posted!

[March 30 2006]: Will finally have the time to finish dismantling and prepare for clutch replacement this weekend. Just another beautiful day - can't wait to get it ready for the road again.

[February 5 2006]
: Just moved to a new workshop, and have ordered a new clutch from Moss Europe. Started dismantling in order to replace the clutch in a couple of weeks time.

[September 4 2005]
: Driving up to Grefsenkollen in Oslo, the clutch failed on me and I will now put Dotti away for this season and will have to replace it during the coming winter months.

[August 26-28 2005]
: Took Dotti to the annual Triumphs of Norway meet, driving in rush hour traffic out of Oslo on Friday heading for old silver mine city of Kongsberg, a 200 mile round-trip without problems. Had to deliver back the challenge cup trophy showing that Dotti was Car of the Show 2004.

[August 24 2005]
: Had to replace the left rear wheel bearing. About time, looked like it had not been touched in 55 years! Topped up the axle with GL4 oil.

[July 22 2005]: Two weeks ago we took Dotti on a week long trip to Swedish island Gotland. Driving from Oslo straight across Sweden to Nynäshamn just south of the swedish capital Stockholm, then a 3 1/2 hours ferry crossing to the city of Visby, a beautiful medieval city, with lots of Viking- and Hanseatic history. Driving around the island a few days in beautiful summer weather, before our journey continued by ferry from Visby to mainland city Oscarshamn, just north of the city of Kalmar. Kalmar Castle is for us scandinavians a very important place as the Kalmar Treaty was signed here in 1397, uniting Denmark, Sweden and Norway [the Kalmar Union]. From there we headed back towards Oslo, visiting world famous glass work Orrefors en route. We didn't have any major problems with the car, but I will now replaced the LHS rear wheel bearing as there are some noise occuring from the rear, and after replacing the other side a couple of years ago, I guess it's time to do it. Both bearing and oil seal is on its way from Moss Europe. Once again, Dotti has proved that she is a car that you can trust, as long as she gets a little tender love and care! Distance travelled: 1069 miles.!


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